Black EAgle South Convenience Store


Located in Black Eagle, Montana.

24 Hour Pumps

Our 24 hour pumps  accept credit cards, debit cards, and MVC cardtrol cards. They are also serviced by our convience store, allowing for other forms of payment during store hours.

Products on pump include: Regular Unleaded Gasoline, Mid-Grade Unleaded Gasoline, Premium Unleaded Gasoline (May Contain 10% Ethanol), and #2 Roadmaster Diesel.

Convenience Store

Our convenience store offers snacks, Hot Stuff,

cold drinks, and Fresh View Brew Coffee

Farm Store

Our farm store carries grass seed, bagged fertilizer, chemical, poison, hardware, and a selection of other products for your farm and ranch needs.


We care a small selection of pet foods and livestock feed for your convience. We carry Lloyal, Country Vet, and Black Gold Dog Food. We also carry dry COB, sweet COB, Egg Layer Pellet & Krumble, Chicken Scratch, and Llama Lunch. If you are in need of feed and pet food, we highly recommend working with our staff at the Feed Store across the street, as they have a larger selection to choose from.


1000 Smelter Ave
Black Eagle, Montana 59414