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Consumer Safety Information 

Gas and Diesel

Safety Tips For Dispensing Gas and Diesel

DON’T smoke within 7.5 meters (25 feet) of a gasoline pump. It's the Law
DON’T leave your vehicle running when refueling. It's the Law
DON’T jam the pump nozzle open when refueling at a self-serve site. It's the Law
DON’T allow children to play around pump islands — or to hold or activate the pump nozzle.
DON’T be distracted from filling your vehicle by using a cell phone. A fill-up takes only a few minutes and requires your full attention.
In addition, cell phones are electrical devices,so they’re a potential ignition source for any fumes.
ALWAYS use only approved containers to carry or store fuel (CSA- or ULC-labeled).
ALWAYS treat all fuels with respect. Store them in well-ventilated places with no nearby ignition sources. Handle them with great care and use them only as motor fuel.
ALWAYS extinguish propane pilot lights in recreational vehicles,campers,motorhomes and other vehicles before refueling the vehicle.
ALWAYS dismount from your motorbike before fueling. Fuel spilled onto the hot exhaust or engine could cause a fire,injuring you and others.

Fuel Safety at Home

We hope you’ll treat gasoline with the same respect at home as you do at the pump.
•Store gasoline only in a well-ventilated area away from heat or anything that has potential ignition sources. NEVER keep it in the basement. Gasoline vapours are heavier than air. They gather in low spots, and the danger of ignition from a furnace or hot water tank pilot light isparticularly serious.
• Never store empty a gasoline container in any heated building. Even though it is “empty”, warmed vapours can escape and ignite.
• Keep gasoline tightly closed in an approved container and handle it carefully at all times.
• Refuel gasoline lawnmowers and weed trimmers – and any other gasoline-powered equipment, like chain saws – outdoors, and only when the engine and attachments are cool.Use a funnel to avoid spills.
• Use gasoline only as a motor fuel. NEVER use it as a cleaning fluid,charcoal briquette lighter or skin cleaner.


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